Duncan Hallas

Duncan Hallas was born in Manchester, and joined the Trotskyist Workers International League during World War Two. Over the course of his career, he was consistently active in his teachers’ union and elsewhere. During the great upheaval of 1968 he rejoined the International Socialists. From that time on he was a leading member of the organization, a great popularizer of Marxism and an inspired speaker, until ill health forced him out of active politics in 1995. Hallas’s many essays and books include Trotsky’s Marxism, published by Haymarket Books in 2005.

Authored by Duncan Hallas:

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Party and Class
Paperback, 2003
Trotsky's Marxism and Other Essays
The Comintern
The Comintern
Paperback, 2007
A Duncan Hallas Reader
Paperback, August 2015