Black Liberation and Socialism

A sharp and insightful analysis of historic movements against racism in the United States—from the separatism of Marcus Garvey, to the militancy of Malcolm X and the Black Panther Party, to the eloquence of Martin Luther King Jr., and much more—with essential lessons for today’s struggles.

In the forty years since the civil rights movement, many gains have been made—but there is still far to go to win genuine change. Here is a badly needed primer on the history and future of the struggle against racism.

About the author

Ahmed Shawki is the editor of the International Socialist Review


“Black Liberation and Socialism is a brilliant examination of the intersection of race and class in the United States. Shawki's rich historical analyses come with powerful theoretical insights into the relationship between anti-racist struggles and the fight for a liberated future for all. This book is essential reading for students of African-American history and for activists involved in the struggle against racism today.”
--Nagesh Rao, Assistant Professor of Postcolonial Studies, The College of New Jersey

“One of the most compelling books on radical black history and black liberation…essential reading for anyone interested in the ongoing struggle against racism.”
--Media Mouse