Hopes and Prospects

In this urgent new book, Noam Chomsky surveys the dangers and prospects of our early twenty-first century. Exploring challenges such as the growing gap between North and South, American exceptionalism (including under President Barack Obama), the fiascos of Iraq and Afghanistan, the U.S.-Israeli assault on Gaza, and the recent financial bailouts, he also sees hope for the future and a way to move forward-in the democratic wave in Latin America and in the global solidarity movements that suggest “real progress toward freedom and justice.”

Hopes and Prospects is essential reading for anyone who is concerned about the primary challenges still facing the human race.

About the author

Noam Chomsky is widely regarded to be one of the foremost critics of US foreign policy in the world. He has published numerous groundbreaking books, articles, and essays on global politics, history, and linguistics. Since 2003 he has written a monthly column for the New York Times syndicate. His recent books include Masters of Mankind and Hopes and Prospects. Haymarket Books recently released updated editions of twelve of his classic books.


“This selection of Chomsky’s essays and lectures comes divided into geographical areas, but the issues are global in scope and import. In dissecting the rhetoric and logic of American empire and class domination, at home and abroad, Chomsky continues a longstanding and crucial work of elucidation and activism. His latest updates elaborate upon his signature themes — the double standards applied by the centers of U.S. power, including the mainstream media and intellectual culture, and the pervasive disconnect between American policies and public opinion in what Chomsky dubs a dysfunctional democracy. But this book flags another major interest of Chomsky’s, signaled in the title: global avenues of resistance, in particular the democratic and independent course being forged across Latin America (where several of these lectures were originally delivered). There are significant redundancies and polemical flourishes, but the writing remains unswervingly rational and principled throughout, and lends bracing impetus to the real alternatives before us.”
Publisher's Weekly (Starred Review)

“Noam Chomsky is a global phenomenon ... he may be the most widely read American voice on foreign policy on the planet today.”
New York Times Book Review

"A revelation. ... he excavates the reality behind the Babel of 24/7 corporate news, and places long-buried truths on the table to examine. Every one is sourced to the leading academic journals, the best experts, the sharpest medical advice - yet each one is a shock... This is a book woven through with hope and awe at all the people who slip beyond imperial control and establish real democracy... Chomsky presents all this plainly, and a sly sense of humour.... Hopes and Prospects is a book that can do the same for many more people - a treasure-trove of truths that shouldn't be left buried in our sandpit of propaganda and lies."
—Johann Hari, Independent (London)

“In Hopes and Prospects, Noam Chomsky's gritty, politically charged essays redefine the nature and practice of democracy in an increasingly unsteady world climate. ... Supported by extensive political and historical research, the essays turn a critical eye on popular topics, retraining the reader to assess familiar themes in new ways. ... Chomsky's commentary is razor sharp and offers a compendium of facts that make a well-supported-and undoubtedly controversial-claim of the incongruity between US actions and the democratic ideals it professes. ... A valuable resource for both academics and everyday concerned citizens.”

“This is a classic Chomsky work: a bonfire of myths and lies, sophistries and delusions. Noam Chomsky is an enduring inspiration all over the world — to millions, I suspect — for the simple reason that he is a truth-teller on an epic scale. I salute him.”
—John Pilger


Interview by Christopher Lydon on OpenSource: Noam Chomsky: the American Socrates on an Upbeat