SIRvival in the Second City

Transqueer Chicago Poems

There is something wrong with the status quo; something abhorrent in normative culture. It allows us to remain silent about drone missiles and police brutality and the murder of transgender people. It allows our beloved Chicago to segregate and erect prisons for the poor & working & queer. What is normal is what urgently needs serious and radical inquiry and profound re-consideration. H. Melt’s SIRvival in The Second City: Transqueer Chicago Poems is a guide and lightning rod; a contestation of every border imaginable and a celebration of the necessary and ingenious spaces created by the public presence(s) of courageous Trans & Queer people(s) engaged in the construction of new culture(s) and identities for us all.

About the author

H. Melt is a poet and artist who was born in Chicago. Their work proudly documents Chicago's queer and trans artistic communities. They have published, performed, and exhibited in numerous spaces throughout the city including: All the Writers I Know, Chicago IRL, F Newsmagazine, Salonathon, Temporary Allegiance, Woman Made Gallery, and in (wo)men & me(n)--an exhibit celebrating the first Trans, Gender Nonconforming and Intersex Freedom (TGIF) festival in Chicago. They are currently an emerging teaching artist with Young Chicago Authors and a graduate student at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago.


"A prolific visual artist and transqueer poet, H. Melt is a crucial voice in Chicago's queer poetry scene."
-Nico Lang, Windy City Times

"...a queer call to arms asking us to take up a pen (rather than a sword) to document the richness of our complex queer lives" -Original Plumbing

"Clearly, many bridges remain unbuilt, within the queer community and in the city at large. Melt's collage of a Chicago trans experience should take on archival resonance in the decades to come, marking how far we have or haven't progressed." —Gapers Block