Publisher: Haymarket Books

Title Price
Always on Strike
Paperback, December 2014
"When the Welfare People Come": Race and Class in the US Child Welfare System
Paperback, November 2016
"¡Nos Quitan Nuestros Trabajos!": y 20 mitos más sobre la inmigración
Paperback, September 2011
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Bitter with the Past Front Cover
'Bitter with the Past but Sweet with the Dream': Communism in the African American Imaginary
Paperback, May 2016
101 Changemakers: Rebels and Radicals Who Changed US History
Hardcover, October 2012
1905 Front Cover
Paperback, October 2016
9.5 Theses on Art and Class
Paperback, July 2013
Dialectical Pedagoy of Revolt cover
A Dialectical Pedagogy of Revolt: Gramsci, Vygotsky, and the Egyptian Revolution
Paperback, January 2016
A Failed Parricide: Hegel and the Young Marx
A Little Piece of Ground
A Little Piece of Ground
Paperback, 2007
A Marxist Philosophy of Language
A Marxist Philosophy of Language
Paperback, 2009
A New Kind of Public: Community, Solidarity, and Political Economy in New Deal Cinema, 1935-1948
Paperback, October 2015
A Short History of the US Working Class Front Cover
A Short History of the U.S. Working Class: From Colonial Times to the Twenty-First Century (Revolutionary Studies)
Paperback, April 2016
A Time to Die: The Attica Prison Revolt
Paperback, September 2011
Abortion: Every Woman's Right
African Struggles Today: Social Movements Since Independence
Paperback, July 2012