From Rebellion to Reform in Bolivia

Evo Morales rode to power on a wave of popular mobilizations against the neoliberal policies enforced by his predecessors. Drawing wide spread support from Bolivia's social movements, and solidarity activists the world over, many expected that his election represented a decisive defeat for the social order imposed on Latin America by the IMF and World Bank.

Yet, now that his first term as president has been completed, these expectations are quickly being disappointed by the degree to which many of his economic policies bear striking resemblance to the status quo he was meant to displace.

In his illuminating new book, Jeffery Webber draws on dozens of interviews with leading Bolivian activists, Trade Union militants and Indigenous leaders to examine the contradictions of Morales's first term in office. Join Haymarket Books for a discussion of the lessons of Bolivia's past struggles and the current challenges facing the country's social movements as they continue to fight for liberation.

"Everyone concerned with contemporary social movements and class struggles urgently needs this book. Not only does Rebellion to Reform in Bolivia bring us up to speed about what is happening in the heart of the Bolivian struggle—it also offers enormous lessons for struggles for global justice across the planet."
—David McNally, author of The Global Slump

“This book provides a comprehensive and illuminating look at the dramatic changes that have taken place in Bolivia over the past decade. Drawing from extensive research, interviews, and firsthand experiences, Webber engages the intricate landscape of Bolivian politics in its entirety, assessing the victories, shortcomings, and prospects of the country’s diverse left.”
—Benjamin Dangl, author The Price of Fire: Resource Wars and Social Movements in Bolivia .

“Webber’s book cuts bravely against the grain of the fashionable left-wing romanticizing of Evo Morales and the Bolivian process. It meticulously documents the extent to which neoliberalism still shapes Morales’s economic policies…..”
—Tom Lewis, coauthor ¡Cochabamba!

“This striking critique from the left of Evo Morales’s MAS government is a position that needs to be heard and absorbed. In a spirit of politically engaged analysis, Webber ably and admirably exposes the difficult contradictions that must be grappled with….”
—Sinclair Thomson, coauthor of Revolutionary Horizons: Past and Present in Bolivian Politics


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