Books for changing the world

Defend Black History, Defend Black Lives

(graphic via Noliwe Rooks on Twitter)

Campaign update: In the last month, we’ve partnered with dozens of organizations to distribute more than 650 free books to young people in Florida, and given away more than 7,000 free ebooks. There’s much more to come. We’re so grateful to the organizers on the ground pushing back against these attacks, and to all of you who have donated to support the work.

“Black people have always figured out ways to teach our history in spaces beneath, beyond, and betwixt the machinations of people like Ron DeSantis. The only thing he ever got right in his life was understanding how insurgent our stories really are, how threatening to the status quo of a nation built on theft.”
—Eve L. Ewing

The racist governor of Florida continues to escalate his attacks on the freedom to learn and teach history. We at Haymarket stand in solidarity with all those in Florida and across the country who are organizing to resist. We know that books can be dangerous to those in power, especially when they are in the hands of folks who are organizing to fight for liberation. That’s why we publish them. That's why they’re trying to ban them.

In light of this recent round of attacks on the freedom to read, we’ve made these three ebooks free for all to download:

We are also connecting with folks in Florida directly to distribute radical books for free to young people. If you’re a young person looking for radical books to read and share, an educator looking to grow your library, or part of an organization that’s in the fight, get in touch by filling out this form.

Of course, any discussion of book censorship must also include the rampant banning of books in prisons (which is a problem in every state, even yours). As a reminder, we also make our books available for free to folks who are incarcerated through our Books Not Bars program.

The struggle is long, but we are many.

And if you’d like to make a donation in support of these efforts, you can do so here.