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The Checkbook and the Cruise Missile
The Architecture of Modern Empire (Interviews: 2001–2022)

A revelatory and wide-ranging series of interviews with award-winning writer Arundhati Roy, touching on modern imperialism, justice movements, a writer’s work, and more.

As a novelist, Arundhati Roy is known for her lush language and intricate structure. As a political essayist, her prose is searching and fierce. All of these qualities shine through in the interviews collected here by David Barsamian. 

First published in 2004, this newly reissued and expanded edition, featuring interviews from 2001 to 2022 and a moving foreword by Naomi Klein, introduces Roy’s powerful political vision to a new generation of readers. Moving from Roy's childhood in India to the many forms of state terror to women’s resistance movements, and from corruption in present-day India to the craft of writing to the work of fighting back from within the hub of empire, The Checkbook and the Cruise Missile is a searing reckoning with the mechanics of power, in all its forms.

  • Praise for Arundhati Roy:

    “Arundhati Roy combines her brilliant style as a novelist with her powerful commitment to social justice in producing these eloquent, penetrating essays.” —Howard Zinn

    “Arundhati Roy is one of the most confident and original thinkers of our time.” —Naomi Klein

    “The scale of what Roy surveys is staggering. Her pointed indictment is devastating.” —The New York Times Book Review

    Praise for David Barsamian’s interviews

    "David Barsamian is the Studs Terkel of our generation." —Howard Zinn

    "David Barsamian is one of the great journalists of our era, and a giant of community and public radio." —Robert McChesney