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Ten Free Ebooks from Haymarket Books

Note: Our ten free ebooks giveaway ran from March 18—April 1. We appreciate the outpouring of enthusiasm and support; we gave away more than 200,000 ebooks! For those who missed out on this giveaway, we’ve made all of the ebooks on our site (including the ones below) 40% off. We aim to make our books as widely accessible as possible (and will continue to look for opportunities to do giveaways), but as a non-profit, radical publisher we also need your support.

For those who are able, please consider buying one or more of the discounted ebooks below, buying another book on the site, or making a donation in support of our ongoing work.


At Haymarket Books, our mission is to publish books for changing the world. Now more than ever, the need to do just that is at the forefront of our minds. We all deserve to live in a world where we are each cared for, nourished, and sheltered.

Our gratitude and solidarity extends especially to those workers and communities on the front lines of this crisis, and we encourage those who are able to stay at home and follow CDC guidelines. Many of us will be turning to books in search of much-needed relief from constant worry as well as the tools to fight for collective liberation. For the next two weeks (until April 1), we're offering ten FREE Ebooks so that you can join us. Please help us spread the word.

Take care of each other; another world is possible if we fight for it.

For help downloading our DRM free Ebooks, check out the Ebook Instructions and FAQ.

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