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Books for changing the world

Teaching in the time of COVID-19

Over the coming weeks, we know that many of our readers will be working or studying from home—including educators and their students. Teaching remotely always brings with it certain challenges, never more so than at a time when all involved are dealing with a global pandemic and its material and emotional fallout. But we also know that classrooms, even when they're online, can be a critical space for debate, discussion, and inspiration.

During this period of uncertainty and intense anxiety, many teachers, professors, and instructors are looking for ways to facilitate honest and productive conversations with their students about the intertwined health and economic crises we face, and how we can support one another and work together to demand an ethical and equitable response.

To support their work, we've put together a list of some our most essential and timely books for teaching college and, in many cases, high school classes in this time of crisis.

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