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Ali to LeBron: The Long Walk Towards Freedom

Acclaimed sports writers Scoop Jackson and Dave Zirin partner for a spirited, elevated and informative conversation about Jackson’s latest book, The Game Is Not A Game, as well as "The Last Dance" Bulls documentary, the cultural and global significance of sports and the future of professional sports post-COVID-19.

In the world of sports Scoop Jackson and Dave Zirin could never be mistaken as the same but sports thankfully isn’t reduced to only what happens on the court or fields of play and these two “brothers” from different mothers have the same minds when it comes to the politics of sports. Though their paths are different, Scoop and Dave have a shared passion and pursuit for truth in chronicling sports and sports culture.

Scoop Jackson is a national senior writer for ESPN. He has covered issues of race, culture, politics and sports for various publications for over 25 years. He is the former executive editor of XXL and Slam Magazine and former publisher of The Agenda. His new book, The Game is Not a Game, is available now.

Dave Zirin is the sports editor for the Nation and the author of several books, most recently Brazil's Dance with the Devil. Named one of UTNE Reader’s “Fifty Visionaries Who Are Changing Our World,” Zirin is a frequent guest on MSNBC, ESPN, and Democracy Now! He hosts WPFW's The Collision with Etan Thomas and has been called "the best sportswriter in the United States," by Robert Lipsyte.

For more books that reflect on radical traditions across sports history and the impact activist athletes have had on politics and sports culture check out Haymarket Book's The Game is Not a Game: Books on Sports and Struggle.

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