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Black Lives Matter at School: Early Childhood Edition

Education activists Takiema Bunche-Smith, Laleña Garcia, Angela Harris, Denisha Jones, Makai Kellogg and Nancy Carlsson Paige discuss the struggle against systemic racism in schools, how we can win real educational justice and the lessons from Black Lives Matter at School organizing focused on early childhood education.

These early childhood educators will discuss how racism impacts the early educational experiences of Black children and will share ideas for centering Black Lives Matter in School from the struggle against systemic racism from their own work.



Takiema Bunche Smith, Executive Director, Center on Culture, Race & Equity at Bank Street College

Angela Harris, 1st Grade Teacher and Chairwoman of the Black Educators Caucus

Laleña Garcia, 5-6s Head Teacher at Manhattan Country School, author of What We Believe: A Black Lives Matter Principles Activity Book

Denisha Jones, DEY Co-Director and Co-Editor Black Lives Matter at School: An Uprising for Educational Justice

Makai Kellogg, Early Childhood Educator at School for Friends

Nancy Carlsson-Paige (moderator), DEY’s Co-Founder, Senior Advisor, and President of the Board.