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Reproductive Justice Starter Kit

With reproductive freedom already under unprecedented attack, it is no surprise that the anti-abortion right is trying to use the COVID-19 crisis as a pretext for the further restriction of abortion rights, making it even harder for pregnant people in many states to access the healthcare they may require. Beyond abortion, the present crisis has laid bare the extent to which every sphere of reproductive life, from human intimacy to childcare to healthcare, is unjustly curtailed by the material circumstances in which we live—circumstances that ensure leisure time and ready access to care for the few, and long working hours and precarity for the many.

In this time of global upheaval, it is more important than ever that we demand not only that we each have ready access to basic services like healthcare, childcare, education, and housing, but that we ensure that no one is left out of the universal promise of those services: whether they are pregnant, trans, non-binary, Black, brown, Indigenous, women, poor, migrant, and/or disabled.

As a contribution to the movement for reproductive justice, health, and freedom, we've discounted our Reproductive Justice Starter Kit: five books that illustrate and analyze the interlocking methods of social control, stigmatization, and oppression that necessitate and inform the fight for reproductive justice for all. Get all five for $50.

Please also consider donating to help pregnant people overcome financial and logistical barriers that may otherwise prevent them from accessing abortions, via the National Network for Abortion Funds.