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US Labor on the Move: The Fights Ahead in 2022

As the coronavirus crisis continues to rock the US working class, and as corporate profits soar, organized workers are gearing up for some of the biggest fights in years, both in the workplace and in their unions. In 2022, the United Auto Workers will hold their first direct elections for top leadership after years of corruption and concessions, and gear up for the Big Three auto negotiations in 2023; the Teamsters will inaugurate new reform leadership and launch their UPS contract campaign, covering the largest private sector union contract in the country; and UFCW members on the west coast begin a coordinated contract campaign covering 100,000 grocery workers. Hear from member leaders from each of these fights on how organized workers are fighting back across the country, and learn more about the next potential flashpoints in the US labor movement.


Dave Bernt, UPS Teamster

Michael Cannon, UAW

Kyong Barry, UFCW

Moderator: Jonah Furman, Labor Notes