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Beyond the Red Wall: Nation, Race, & Class Post-Brexit

When reviewing the unexpected results of the Brexit referendum, and again when discussing the Corbyn led Labour Party’s collapse in its old strongholds, commentators have been quick to reach for neat and convenient explanations over careful analysis. Sound bite friendly descriptors—the ‘white working-class’ or the ‘metropolitan elite,’ for starters—continue to stand in for deeper appraisals, and thus offer little in the way of lessons.

In his recent Salvage essay, "Brexit From Below: Nation, Race and Class," Jonas Marvin attempts to rise above the fray by offering a perspective that Brexit and its fall out is best understood as a moment in the long term process of class decomposition in Britain.

For this Salvage Live event, Jonas Marvin, Annie Olaloku-Teriba, and Barnaby Raine will use this framework as a starting point to survey the prospects of the British Left post-Brexit and post-Corbyn.



Jonas Marvin is an independent researcher and activist based in Leeds.

Annie Olaloku-Teriba is a writer and podcaster whose research focuses on how neoliberalism has transformed the theory and practice of ‘race.’

Barnaby Raine is writing his PhD at Columbia University on visions of ending capitalism. He teaches at the Brooklyn Institute for Social Research.