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Salvage Live: Russia, Ukraine, NATO, & Anti-Imperialism Today

We are joined by the Russian socialist and anti-war activist Ilya Matveev—co-founder of—and Ukrainian sociologist Voldoymyr Ishchenko, for a special edition of Salvage Live on the war in Ukraine. How did we get to this crisis? What might the future hold? How secure is Putin? Does this mark the passing of unipolar American hegemony, or not, and how should we understand imperialism today? As rival blocs spread carnage, socialist internationalism once again issues an urgent call to save the world from the flames.


Ilya Matveev is a researcher and lecturer based in St Petersburg, Russia. He is a founding editor of and a member of the research group Public Sociology Laboratory.

Volodymyr Ishchenko is a sociologist based in Kyiv. He has published articles and interviews in the Guardian and New Left Review.

Barnaby Raine is writing his PhD at Columbia University on visions of ending capitalism. He teaches at the Brooklyn Institute for Social Research.

This event is sponsored by Salvage and Haymarket Books.