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Introducing: Haymarket Originals

Haymarket Books is thrilled to announce the launch of a new project: Haymarket Originals. Haymarket Originals will bring in depth, series-length audio treatments of a wide range of historical and contemporary political subjects to podcast listeners around the world. Haymarket Originals is a new home for audio deep dives, by and for the left.

The first Haymarket Originals project is FRAGILE JUGGERNAUT: WHAT WAS THE CIO?—an important collaboration with a group of labor writers, historians, and organizers.

Through a limited run of twenty episodes, they will revisit and reflect on the near-mythical history of the Congress of Industrial Organizations (CIO)—and the high water mark of US labor activity in the 1930s and 1940s—in the context of today’s critical juncture in the labor movement. Join Tim Barker, Andrew Elrod, Ben Mabie, Alex Press, Emma Teitelman, Gabriel Winant, and special guests as they explore the trajectory of the American working class through a period of its greatest drama and political possibility.

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Read an introduction to this collective inquiry into the history of the US workers’ movement, and support the show on patreon.

Transcripts for each episode are available through the Apple Podcasts app.

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