Books for changing the world

Free Books for a Free Palestine

Across the US, in the face of brutal repression, student organizers continue to courageously demand that their universities end their complicity in Israeli apartheid, settler-colonialism, and genocide. We stand with them, and we are proud to offer free books to Gaza solidarity encampments on campuses across the country.

To date, we’ve sent more than 2,300 books to more than 110 encampments, and we continue to receive and fulfill new requests. If you’re setting up a liberation library at your Gaza solidarity encampment and you’d like some radical books, please write to us at orders[at] and we’ll send some free books to get you started.

Below you’ll find a selection of the titles that we’ve sent to organizers on campuses, covering Palestinian history and liberation, the history and politics of education and universities in the US, the politics of policing and police abolition, and the history of US empire and anti-war organizing. If you’re interested in supporting our donations work, the best way to do so is to pick up a copy of a book below that interests you!

The struggle is long, but we are many. From the River to the Sea, Palestine will be Free!