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Haymarket Books stands in solidarity with all those resisting police violence, mass incarceration, and the racist carceral system. Our Haymarket Books Against Policing & Mass Incarceration reading list is currently 30% off. Get a free Ebook (where available) and free shipping on orders over $25 inside the US.

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Explores the reality of US police violence against Black, Brown and Indigenous communities. 

In this urgent and incisive collection of new interviews bookended by two new essays, Marc Lamont Hill critically examines the “pre-existing conditions” that have led us to this moment of crisis and upheaval, guiding us through both the perils and possibilities, and helping us imagine an abolitionist future.

“Keeanga-Yamahtta Taylor's searching examination of the social, political and economic dimensions of the prevailing racial order offers important context for understanding the necessity of the emerging movement for black liberation.” —Michelle Alexander 

The Torture Machine takes the reader from the 1969 murders of Black Panther Party chairman Fred Hampton and Panther Mark Clark—and the historic, thirteen-years of litigation that followed—through the dogged pursuit of commander Jon Burge, the leader of a torture ring within the CPD that used barbaric methods, including electric shock, to elicit false confessions from suspects. 

On April 18, 2015, the city of Baltimore erupted in mass protests in response to the brutal murder of Freddie Gray by police. Devin Allen was there, and his iconic photos of the Baltimore uprising became a viral sensation.

Activist, teacher, author and icon of the Black Power movement Angela Davis talks Ferguson, Palestine, and prison abolition. 

An evocative, affecting play on the horrors of mass incarceration written collaboratively by prisoners who have experienced it first-hand.

A collection of intimate portraits told directly by people whose lives have been devastated by solitary confinement in America. 

Powerful, provocative narratives of people surviving the devastating affects of life in long term incarceration.

A powerful and wide-ranging collection examining the persistent impact of the Black Panther Party on subsequent liberation struggles.

This collection explores the reality of justice, which has always stood in contrast to the rhetoric about equal rights under the law. 

This children's book tells the story of a father and daughter whose love cannot be broken—even when prison bars separate them.

A riveting eyewitness account of the Davis family's courageous struggle against America's flawed criminal justice system.

Intimate portraits of four exonerees provide a window into the challenges of life after wrongful conviction.

An essential first hand account of the Attica Prison rebellion, back in print for the 40th anniversary of the uprising.

Former Black Panthers Paul Coates and Eddie Conway discuss life, politics, and their friendship that helped Eddie survive decades in prison.

The long-buried story of a Chicagoan's struggle for justice after four of his children perished in a tragic fire.

An in-depth critical analysis of how ruling elites use the police institution in order to control communities.

This book comprises a collection of groundbreaking writings by Marta Russell on the nature of disability and oppression under capitalism, including a discussion about disability and incarceration.

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