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Books for changing the world

Haymarket Books for Fighting Fascism

Across the world, right-wing governments headed by the likes of Donald Trump, Boris Johnson, Narendra Modi, and Jair Bolsonaro have severely bungled their respective country's responses to the Coronavirus pandemic: downplaying its impacts, spreading misinformation, catering in racist anti-Chinese rhetoric, and exacerbating the already deadly situation. In recent days, with eyes toward their popular standing, some have reversed course to some extent—buckling to the obvious seriousness of the crisis, but too late to responsibly confront it. The actions of others, like Viktor Orban of Hungary, have made starkly clear the danger of authoritarian rulers using this moment of crisis as a pretext for expanding their power and upending democratic rights and norms.

How is it that far-right forces came to lead many of the world's most powerful nations, how do we understand the responses of their figureheads to COVID-19, and what does this context mean for the left in this moment of global crisis? One thing is sure: international anti-fascist politics and resistance could not be more urgent.

Haymarket stands in solidarity with all those organizing to fight against fascism and for a world free of oppression and exploitation. We’ve put together a list of Haymarket Books on the history and politics of anti-fascist resistance.

A riveting and unique look at the connections between Trump, neo-fascists, and billionaire donors pursuing unfettered capitalism.

An urgent, global account of the migration crisis, the rise of the right across the world, and the function of borders across political, social, cultural, and economic systems.

In this series of electrifying essays, Arundhati Roy challenges us to reflect on the meaning of freedom in a world of growing authoritarianism. 

German Marxist Clara Zetkin’s enduringly relevant report and resolution on fascism, written in June 1923.

 An original and compelling analysis of how a newly emboldened and radicalizing right has come to global political ascendance in the years after 9/11, culminating in the victories of Trump and Brexit.

This heart wrenchingly vivid account of one man's arrest and imprisonment by the Nazis for the crime of homosexuality, now with a new foreword by Sarah Schulman, remains an essential contribution to gay history and our understanding of historical fascism, as well as a remarkable and complex story of survival and identity.

An unparalleled documentation of the most important Marxist analyses of fascism and the struggle to resist it. 

The uses and abuses of antisemitism in the 21st Century, collected by Jewish Voice for Peace.

No One Is Illegal convincingly debunks the leading ideas behind the often-violent right-wing backlash against immigrants. 

A sharp-witted indictment of our broken political system and a vision for a socialist alternative that is truly by and for the people. 

"If Black women were free, it would mean that everyone else would have to be free." —Combahee River Collective Statement 

Bestselling author Rebecca Solnit reminds us that activism has changed the world in remarkable ways.

Arundhati Roy examines the dark side of democracy in contemporary India. She looks closely at how religious majoritarianism, cultural nationalism, and neo-fascism simmer just under the surface of a country that projects itself as the world's largest democracy. 

Susan Buck-Morss highlights new forms of international solidarity and revolutionary subjectivity that can break the impasse of neoliberal capitalism and reactionary nationalism.

“This year's most immediately useful political book.” Publishers Weekly Best Books of 2017 

A contribution to the debate about the nature of Nazism and why understanding it still matters today. 

A brilliant, shattering, and convincing account of United States-backed suppression of political and human rights in Latin America, Asia, and Africa and the role of the media in misreporting these policies 

The sole surviving diary of a Holocaust resistance fighter, written from inside the Nazi concentration camps. 

In this updated and completely revised second edition, Enzo Traverso carefully reconstructs the intellectual debate surrounding the "Jewish Question" over a century of Marxist thought.

An outstanding history that shows how a promising workers' movement ended in a fascist victory.

Analyses the political and military evolution of the events in Catalonia during the Spanish Civil War: the street battles that defeated the military rebellion; the social revolution that pervaded Catalonia; 'the gradual erosion of workers' power, culminating in the May Events; and Catalonia's eventual fall to Franco's fascist forces.

In this well researched account of the Spanish Revolution, Alan Sennett unearths the often under-appreciated influence of Trotsky upon POUM, a Marxist organization.

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