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Missing Daddy: Buy a copy and we’ll donate a copy

Update: Thanks to the tremendous outpouring of support, as of the morning of October 2, we’ll be donating more than 300 copies of Missing Daddy. There’s still time to help!

For every copy of Missing Daddy purchased directly from Haymarket Books between now and October 4th, we will donate a copy to Project Avary, an organization working with children with incarcerated parents. 

Missing Daddy, by Mariame Kaba and illustrated by bria royal, shows us that a father and daughter's love cannot be broken even when prison bars separate them. Featuring a discussion guide and beautiful illustrations throughout, Missing Daddy illuminates the heartaches of missing a parent and facilitates conversations with children about this difficult experience. 

“This book is a crucial tool for parents, educators, and anyone who cares about the well-being of children who, through no fault of their own, are forced to bear the consequences of our country’s obsession with incarceration. For children who desperately miss their parents, feel confused, or are teased at school, this book can go a long way in letting them know that they are not alone and in normalizing their experiences.”
—Eve L. Ewing

Get your copy now and help us get the book to children with incarcerated family members. 

Every time you purchase a copy of Missing Daddy from our website, we will donate a copy to Project Avary, an organization that offers long-term support, resources, guidance and training for children with incarcerated parents. Find out more at

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