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Haymarket Book Club: All You Can Read

For $30 per month, this subscription gets you every new Haymarket title released (while your subscription is active) in both print & ebook formats, plus a 50% discount on *all* Haymarket books titles via our website. Print books are mailed out every 4-8 weeks, and electronic files are made available via the "library" page for subscribers as they are released. Note that not all Haymarket Books titles released in print formats are released electronically. This subscription excludes the HM and SCSS series-- these are separate subscriptions. Non-US subscribers will be charged an extra $20/month for international shipping. 

About the Haymarket Book Club

What is the Haymarket Book Club?

We’re glad you asked! Members of our Book Club support our publishing mission by giving us a reliable stream of income in exchange for every book we publish. For rates starting at $30 per month, you will receive regular shipments that can include as many as 40 books per year or more. We hope you’ll join the hundreds of other members of our book club in helping to ensure our financial health by signing up today.

How do I change my address or payment information?

If you are logged in to our website, just click the button at the top right that says "Book Club". That will take you to a page where you can update your credit/debit card, change your address, or deactivate your subscription.

When can I expect the next Book Club shipment?

Soon! We send new releases as they are published, which often means 3 or 4 books at a time. New books are sent every 4-8 weeks, on average. It’s in the nature of our work that some months we will release many books, and others relatively few. Over the course of a year, you will receive approximately 35-40 new books as a member of the Book Club.



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