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May 26, 2020 at 5.00pm – 6.30pm

Online Teach-in

Tech Won't Save Us: Silicon Valley and the Coronavirus Crisis

Join Nicole Aschoff and Rob Larson for a discussion about how Big Tech is profiting off this crisis and what we can do about it.

Online Teach-in


Tuesday, May 26, 5 PM EDT

With the necessity of social distancing forcing more and more of our lives to be lived through our screens, technology has begun seeping even deeper into the crevices of our social fabric. With everything from elementary school classes to routine doctor’s visits being mediated by various apps, smart phones, and computers, Silicon Valley is poised to be more profitable—and more powerful as a political force—than ever before.

Tales of Amazon’s record profits, and Bill Gates’s boundless generosity are presented by the media as the silver-linings we can all believe in amidst the endless torrent of pandemic related bad news. And yet signs of the tech related scandals-to-come are already all around us—Elon Musk’s move to re-open his smart-car factories and stories of Zoom’s predatory data hoovering practices being just two among many.

Join author-activists Rob Larson and Nicole Aschoff as they discuss why we should resist swallowing the tech industry’s puff, spin, and outright lies, and whether we use their own platforms against them to build digital socialism.

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