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June 13, 2023 - July 11, 2023 at 6.30pm – 8.00pm

Haymarket House

Let This Radicalize You: Chicago Reading Group at Haymarket House

Join us at Haymarket House for a three part in-person conversation about Kelly Hayes and Mariame Kaba's new book, Let This Radicalize You.

Haymarket House

800 W Buena Ave
Chicago, IL 60613 United States


What fuels and sustains activism and organizing when it feels like our worlds are collapsing? Let This Radicalize You: Organizing and the Revolution of Reciprocal Care is a practical and imaginative resource for activists and organizers building power in an era of destabilization and catastrophe.

Longtime organizers and movement educators Mariame Kaba and Kelly Hayes examine some of the political lessons of the COVID-19 pandemic, including the convergence of mass protest and mass formations of mutual aid, and consider what this confluence of power can teach us about a future that will require mass acts of care, rescue and defense, in the face of both state violence and environmental disaster.

Haymarket is hosting a three part conversation about Let This Radicalize You on Tuesday evenings, June 13th, June 27th and July 11th.

We will be using the disucssion guide created by Rachael Zafer and available here to guide some of our conversations but we also hope to have generative conversations beyond the guide from the group. While it is not required that folks attend all sessions we hope that you can join us for the whole series as we build a community of readers around this invaluable text. Here are the details for each session:

Tuesday, June 13th: We will focus on the introduction through chapter 3.

Tuesday, June 27th: We will focus on chapters 4 through 7.

Tuesday, July 11th: We will focus on chapters 8 through the afterword.

We ask that all participants are masked during the discussion if we are indoors and we will provide light refreshments afterwards. Weather permitting, we hope to hold the events outside.

You can get a copy of Let This Radicalize You for 30% off here.