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July 16, 2023 at 1.00pm – 2.30pm


Transgender Marxism: Against the Backlash

Join trans theorists and activists for a discussion of how "Transgender Marxism” can explain the backlash and help guide the resistance



The right has launched a systematic backlash against trans people. It has introduced hundreds of anti-trans bills in statehouses across the US, ramped up attacks on trans people around the world in courts and legal systems, and waged a campaign of escalating vigilante violence. Now is the time for analyzing why the right is focused on trans people as primary targets of class war from above. And now is the time for organized efforts at building broad solidarity with trans people to fight back. Join frontline trans theorists and activists for a discussion of how “Transgender Marxism” can explain the backlash and help guide the resistance.


Spectre will be hosting a discussion with the speakers from “Transgender Marxism Against the Backlash” immediately after the panel. It is an exclusive event for our monthly donors. To join us, become a monthly donor by clicking on this link and you will receive a special invite to the discussion.



Jules Gleeson is a writer, comedian and all-around communist menace. Her work has been featured in publications and live events worldwide. She was an editor of Transgender Marxism (2021) and is currently writing her own book on intersex liberation's origin story in the 1990s.

Sandow “Sandy” Sinai is a writer, musician, teacher, and communist living in Brooklyn, New York. She loves the bass guitar, psychoanalysis, and the dialectic.

Kade Doyle Griffiths is a writer and anthropologist teaching at Brooklyn College and the Brooklyn Institute for Social Research. He is an editor of Spectre Journal and has also written for The Nation,In These Times, and Historical Materialism.


Vanessa Wills is Assistant Professor of Philosophy at The George Washington University. She specializes in moral, social, and political philosophy, nineteenth century German philosophy (especially Karl Marx), and the philosophy of race.


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