Books for changing the world

September 28, 2023 at 5.00pm – 6.30pm


Lenin: In His Time & Ours

Join Paul Le Blanc, Jodi Dean, and others for a discussion of what we can learn from Lenin for today's struggles.



Over the last century, the legacy of Russian revolutionary leader Vladimir Lenin has been fiercely contested. This discussion with acclaimed scholar of communist history Paul Le Blanc presents a modern take on the revolutionary icon, with an emphasis on the powerful democracy and collective struggles behind much of Lenin’s political thought.

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Paul Le Blanc is a long-time activist and Professor of History at La Roche College, is the author of a number of widely-read studies, including Lenin and the Revolutionary Party, From Marx to Gramsci, Marx, Lenin and the Revolutionary Experience, and most recently, Lenin: Responding to Catastrophe, Forging Revolution.

Jodi Dean is the author or editor of thirteen books, including Democracy and Other Neoliberal Fantasies, The Communist Horizon, Crowds and Party, and Comrade: An Essay on Political Belonging.

Cliff Connolly is a contributor to Cosmonaut Magazine and a member of Marxist Unity Group.

Linda Loew is a longtime socialist, feminist and union activist.


This event is co-sponsored by Haymarket Books and Pluto Press