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Books for changing the world
Haymarket Books Not Bars

Haymarket Books is committed to making our books available for free to people who are incarcerated. In an effort to support those inside who are dealing with the immense violence of the prison system we want to do what we can to connect people with radical books and opportunities for political education. We have worked for many years with organizations that send books inside, and we are expanding those efforts.

We are raising funds to cover some of the costs of books and shipping as we continue and expand our donations of books to people who are incarcerated. Thank you so much for helping us to share our books with folks on the inside.

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If you have a loved one inside you can complete the form linked below to request book(s) for them. 

Request a book for a loved one inside

Solidarity with all oppressed people and free them all!

Below is a downloadable/printable PDF catalog of some of our most-requested books:

Haymarket Books Not Bars Ca... by Haymarket Books