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Emerald Garner

Emerald Snipes-Garner is the youngest daughter of six children, and is currently the Executive Director of her non-profit We Can't Breathe Inc, which is named after her late father Eric Garner and her sister Erica Garner.

Emerald is the youngest daughter of Esaw Snipes Garner and Eric Garner, who was murdered at the hands of a now former police officer Daniel Pantaleo in 2014 after putting him in the now illegal choke hold.  She has become the leading voice in the fight for justice for her father and has vowed to never stop fighting laws and policies that help police officers get away with murder.

Emerald is echoing the “warrior” in her, which is in memory of her sister the late Erica Garner who died from a massive heart attack as a result of her broken heart fighting for justice for her father on Dec 30, 2017. Emerald is a mother to a beautiful princess Kaylee (10 years old) and also the mother /aunt to her late sister Erica Garner two children Eric III “EJ” (4 year old) and Alyssa (12 years old). Emerald encourages everyone to use their voice as a form of expression, but in a peaceful way.