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Edith Thomas

Edith Thomas, writing at the middle of the 20th century, is a French historian and thinker who has recently recaptured the attention of critical historians, but has yet to reach the acclaim she deserves. All told, Thomas’ work includes seven novels, a collection of short stories about the French Resistance, eight historical and critical studies, and a significant body of journalism. Her outstanding account of the women of the Paris Commune makes one of the most important and insightful contributions to political history to date.


  • Women of the Barricades

    Writing in the Guardian, pioneering British feminist Sheila Rowbotham named The Women Incendiaries by Edith Thomas as one of her top 10 radical history books.

    To preface her list, she writes:

    "When the women’s liberation movement started in the late 1960s, I began looking for the women, as well as men, who had been hidden from history. Fifty years on, I am still at it. The following books are drawn from a great host of books I admire."


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  • The Women Incendiaries

    The long out-of-print classic about women in the Paris Commune of 1871.