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Flash Sale: 70% OFF Naomi Klein Books

“We're seeing in real time that we are so much more interconnected to one another than our wuite brutal economic system would have us believe.”

In the midst of a global health crisis, millions of people fear not only that they and their loved ones might become infected with COVID-19, but that they will not have access to adequate healthcare if they do and that they will not be able to pay rent or put food on the table even if they do not. This crisis exposes the cruel and deeply unjust priorities of capitalist society, and presents the opportunity for those priorities to be either compounded or challenged through the response to this global emergency.

No contemporary writer has had a greater impact on our thinking about the politics of crises than Naomi Klein, award-winning journalist, syndicated columnist, and author of international bestsellers like The Shock Doctrine and This Changes Everything. Last week, she spoke with Vice about Coronavirus, disaster capitalism, and the world we need. Read the interview here.

For a limited time, purchase two of Naomi Klein's most recent books, No Is Not Enough and The Battle for Paradise, 70% OFF.

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“Naomi Klein is a critically important thought-leader in these perilous times, a necessary voice as a courageous movement of movements rises from the ashes of the last election cycle. No Is Not Enough tells a compelling story about where we are, how we got here, and what we should do now. The book is a genuine page-turner—highly engaging and provocative—and provides a fascinating lens through which we can view our current moment. Klein is not preaching to the choir, but framing the moment, connecting necessary dots, and outlining the challenge that lies ahead in clear terms that anyone can understand.”
—Michelle Alexander, author of The New Jim Crow

“A gripping and timely account of a classic 'shock doctrine' being perpetrated in Puerto Rico. Naomi Klein chronicles the extraordinary grassroots resistance by the Puerto Rican people against neoliberal privatization and Wall Street greed in the aftermath of the island's financial meltdown, of hurricane devastation, and of Washington’s imposition of an outside control board over the most important U.S. colony.”  
—Juan González, author of Harvest of Empire: A History of Latinos in America

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