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Books for changing the world

Free E-Book: From the River to the Sea

In the final months of 2023, as this ebook is published, Israel is committing a genocide in Gaza. While Western governments have supported the unjustifiable, or spoken inane words of condemnation while failing to take any concrete action, millions around the world have poured into the streets to denounce their complicity, to demand a ceasefire and a free Palestine.

From the River to the Sea: Essays for a Free Palestine collects personal testimonies from within Gaza and the West Bank, along with essays and interviews that collectively provide crucial histories and analyses to help us understand how we got to the nightmarish present. They place Israel’s genocidal campaign within the longer history of settler colonialism in Palestine, and Hamas within the longer histories of Palestinian resistance and the so-called “peace process.” They explore the complex history of Palestine’s relationship to Jordan, Egypt, and the broader Middle East, the eruption of unprecedented anti-Zionist Jewish protest in the US, the alarming escalation in state repression of Palestine solidarity in Britain and Europe, and more. Taken together, the essays comprising this collection provide important grounding for the urgent discussions taking place across the Palestine solidarity movement.

A collaboration between Haymarket and Verso Books, From the River to the Sea is now available to download as a FREE Ebook.

In addition, Haymarket is glad to offer a number of other political education resources about the history and politics of Palestine and the Palestinian liberation struggle. 

1. Haymarket and partnering organizations have put together an urgent series of online events to provide education in the context of current events: Until Liberation: A Series for Palestine. Make sure to RSVP for upcoming events and catch up on watching past live-streams.

2. Because we believe that books, as tools for education, analysis, combatting misinformation, and inspiration, have a vital role to play in the global Palestine solidarity movement, we’ve made three additional crucial books free to download:

3. Finally, for further resources, check out Free Palestine! A Reading List...