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Europe in Revolt
Mapping the New European Left
A gripping and authoritative account of the uprisings against extreme austerity that have shaken Europe.
In Greece, Ireland, Portugal, and Spain the debt crisis that began with the 2008 global recession helped trigger severe austerity measures—which only worsened economic conditions.

In response, something happened that few outsiders expected: A massive wave of resistance erupted across Europe. With mainstream parties largely discredited by their support of austerity measures, room opened for radicals to offer a left-wing alternative.

Europe in Revolt examines the key parties and figures behind this insurgency, with insider coverage of the roots of the social crisis—and the radicals seeking to reverse it—in Cyprus, England, France, Germany, Greece, Iceland, Ireland, Italy, the Netherlands, Portugal, Spain, and Sweden.
  • “There could hardly be a better guide to Europe, its crises, and its radicals. After so many promising starts that went awry, from Rifondazione Comunista to Syriza, there is an urgent need to take stock of the situation. This volume of brilliant, incisive texts—curated and edited by two of the best minds on the radical left—contains the answers we need.”
    —Richard Seymour, author of Corbyn: The Strange Rebirth of Radical Politics

    “Is permanent austerity going to be the new normal for Europe? For more than two decades, it certainly seemed so. But now, in the streets and factories, at the ballot box and in mass rallies, the European working class is start- ing to come together around a strategy of resistance. Sunkara and Pri´ncipe have marshaled a superb collection charting the contours of the fightback, in both the center and the periphery of European neoliberalism. Nobody interested in the struggle for a more humane Europe can ignore it.”
    —Vivek Chibber, author of Postcolonial Theory and the Specter of Capital

    “Bhaskar Sunkara and Catarina Pri´ncipe bring us this vital, necessary survey of the politics of the new radical left electoral formations in Europe—analyzing everything that went right and everything that went wrong. Ammo for the struggles ahead, not to be ignored.”
    —Susan Weissman, author of Victor Serge: The Course Is Set on Hope

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