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Confronting Gouldner
Sociology and Political Activism
An important new appraisal of one of the 20th century’s most important activist sociologists.
Alvin W. Gouldner (1920-1980) was a leading sociologist of his era who provided groundbreaking analyses in the areas of industrial sociology, critical sociological theory, ideology, reciprocity, and class analysis. In Confronting Gouldner James J. Chriss confronts the larger issue of the place of critical theory, and specifically Marxism, in framing the perspective of sociology as political activism.
  • Praise for Social Control

    "The author is widely read in the field of social control, and is to be commended for his coverage of a broad range of material … [T]he connections among disparate literatures reflect insight and originality. The quality of the content is excellent – I thoroughly enjoyed reading it."
    —John DeLamater, University of Wisconsin-Madison