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Syria After the Uprisings
The Political Economy of State Resilience

Syria has been at the center of world news since 2011, following the beginnings of a popular uprising in the country and its subsequent violent and murderous repression by the Assad regime. Eight years on, Joseph Daher analyzes the resilience of the regime and the failings of the uprising, while also taking a closer look at the counter revolutionary processes that have been undermining the uprising from without and within.

Joseph Daher is the author of Hezbollah: The Political Economy of the Party of God, and founder of the blog Syria Freedom Forever.

  • "Daher shows how the regime’s crony capitalism and arsenal of repression produced inequalities and humiliations that fueled the 2011 revolt. While supportive of the uprising and its aims, he offers a trenchant critique of the opposition’s failures — a critique from within that should be taken seriously by everyone who cares about Syria." —Danny Postel, Democratic Left

    "Joseph Daher’s new book, Syria After the Uprisings, is perhaps the most detailed and comprehensive explanation of the nature of the Syrian state, the causes and character of the revolution, and the reasons for its defeat and, in the words of the book’s subtitle, the “state resilience” of Assad’s regime." Solidarity