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A Litany for Survival

Powerhouse, world-renowned LGBTQ poet and spoken-word artist Staceyann Chin curates the first full-length collection of her poems.

Crossfire collects Staceyann Chin's empowering, feminist-LGBTQ-Caribbean, activist-driven poetry for the first time in a single book. According to The New York Times, Chin is “sassy, rageful and sometimes softly self-mocking.” The Advocate says that her poems, “combine hilarious one-liners with a refusal to conform” and note “Chin is out to confront more than just the straight world.”

  • “With this astounding new collection of poems, Crossfire, it is evident that Staceyann Chin has come into her raw, sexual, revolutionary, poetic power. These poems are jet fueled from the hot center of the body—from rage, from sorrow, from pure unmitigated life force. Poems that suffer no fools, that hold no punches, that will not be repressed, dressed up, or tamed. They are provocations, invitations, incantations, elevations, revelations, and warnings. They are at you, in you, and on you. Mind orgasms that seer the soul and smack the conscience and just simply turn you the fuck on. Just wow!”
    —Eve Ensler

    “We’ve all been waiting for this collection—all of us that know the brilliance, the heartbreaking truth-telling, and the magic of Staceyann’s cadences. Now all of us who have been lucky to have seen her on stage, heard her from the ramparts, can be joined at last by readers in the quiet spaces to properly celebrate this remarkable voice and watch her take her place in American letters.”
    —Walter Mosley

    Crossfire scared me, and I was thrilled to read something that rattled me so deeply. I’ve never been as brave as Staceyann Chin, never as forthright about my own sexuality or trauma or longing, and she, who stands on the far side of the curve of feminist power, love, and rage, inspires us all to inch our way just a bit more in her direction. This book is full of ‘random beauty,’ as she says, and she reminds me, and all writers, that the reason we put pen to paper is ‘for the words that threaten insanity/ if I do not speak out loud.’ I’m so grateful for the reminder, and the exhortation to tell the stories and ‘pitch this voice far beyond/ the secrets of our silent survival/ to reach for the greater intention/ to save more than my own life.’ Staceyann is surely saving more than her own life by offering her voice to us.”
    —Rosanne Cash

    “Staceyann Chin writes ‘This child will never be silent / I speak now / because my grandmother gave me tongue.’ How fortunate we all are that Staceyann speaks her truth and, in doing so, speaks the truth of so many others. Crossfire brings together a passionate and riveting body of work that inspires all of us who speak for justice, for truth, for liberation.”
    —Karine Jean-Pierre, author of Moving Forward

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