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Loving in the War Years
And Other Writings, 1978-1999

An updated edition combining two classic works of Chicana and queer literature, with a new introduction by renowned writer and luminary, Cherríe Moraga.

In celebration of the 40th anniversary of its original publication, this updated edition of Loving in the War Years combines Moraga’s classic memoir with The Last Generation: Poetry and Prose, resulting in a challenging, inspiring, and insightful touchstone for artists and activists—and for anyone striving to foster care and community.

Cherríe Moraga’s powerful memoir remains as urgent as ever. She explores the intersections of her Chicana and lesbian identities, moving gracefully between poetry and prose, Spanish and English, personal narratives and political theory. Moraga recounts navigating the world largely as an outsider, circling the interconnected societies around her from a distant yet observant perspective. Ultimately, however, her writing serves as a bridge between her cultures, languages, family, and herself, enabling her to look inward to forge connections from otherwise inaccessible parts of her interior world, to show how deep self-awareness and compassionate engagement with one’s surroundings are key to building global solidarity among people and political movements.

  • "Sophisticated, visceral, rigorous, and relentless, Cherríe Moraga’s writings are as essential as ever. Bridging poetry and politics, her interrogations of the self and society are a lifelong project she has gifted new and returning readers. Even in her earliest writings, Moraga reaches to the future through the bifurcated paths of her personal journey in queerness, Chicanidad, and solidarity with all colonized peoples. Moraga’s indispensable interrogations of language and art demands nothing short of complete freedom for all bodies. It is a war cry that continues to liberate as it echoes across decades and generations."  —Caribbean Fragoza, author of Eat the Mouth That Feeds You

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