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The Radical Right
Politics of Hate on the Margins of Global Capital

The Radical Right examines five cases of political hatred from the margins of global capital: Turkey under Erdogan, Hungary under Orbán, India under Modi, the Philippines under Duterte, and Brazil under Bolsonaro. With probing insights it asks, how did these rightwing figures come to power? What strategies of legitimation do they employ? What resistances do they face?

The authors use case studies of individual countries to lay the foundation for a systematic comparison that illuminates the key dynamics of a novel political form. By analyzing each regime's response to the Covid-19 pandemic further light is shed on their methods in a time of crisis. The book closes by considering the Trump presidency, and how we can understand these leaders by comparison to their pronounced counterpart in the Global North—and vice-versa.

More than a mere collection of texts commissioned from specialists, The Radical Right is the result of a two-year-long collective endeavor by an international taskforce assembled to respond to a global phenomenon of far reaching significance.


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