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Anthology of Noonomy: Fourth Technological Revolution and Its Economic, Social and Humanitarian Consequences
Technology and Socio-economic Progress: Traps and Opportunities for the Future

Prepared by an international team of authors representing leading universities from different parts of the world, this expansive volume elucidates various aspects of the theory of noonomy, developed by Professor S. Bodrunov. A positive assessment is given to the key provisions of this theory (the transition to knowledge-intensive production, the gradual socialisation of economy, the diffusion of property, the progress of solidarity relations, the removal of simulative needs and the progress of a culture). Significant attention is also paid to the global context of ongoing technological and socio-economic transformations, undergirding a political, economic and philosophical understanding of the theory of noonomy.

The contributors to the volume are Sergey Glazyev, James Kenneth Galbraith, Oleg Smolin, Enfu Cheng, Siyang Gao, Alan Freeman, Andrey Kolganov, Jesús Pastor García Brigos, Anatoly Porokhovsky, Radhika Desai and Leo Gabriel.