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Environmentalism from Below
How Global People's Movements Are Leading the Fight for Our Planet

A global account of the grassroots environmental movements on the frontlines of the climate crisis.

Environmentalism from Below takes readers inside the popular struggles for environmental liberation in the Global South. These communities—among the most vulnerable to but also least responsible for the climate crisis—have long been at the forefront of the fight to protect imperiled worlds. Today, as the world’s forests burn and our oceans acidify, grassroots movements are tenaciously defending the environmental commons and forging just and sustainable ways of living on Earth.

Scholar and activist Ashley Dawson constructs a gripping narrative of these movements of climate insurgents, from international solidarity organizations like La Via Campesina and Shack Dwellers International to local struggles in South Africa, Colombia, India, Nigeria, and beyond. Taking up the four critical challenges we face in a warming world—food, urban sustainability, energy transition, and conservation—Dawson shows how the unruly power of environmentalism from below is charting an alternative path forward, from challenging industrial agriculture through fights for food sovereignty and agroecology to resisting extractivism using mass nonviolent protest and sabotage.

An urgent, essential intervention, Environmentalism from Below offers a hopeful alternative to the gridlock of UN-based climate negotiations and the narrow nationalism of some Green New Deal efforts. As Dawson reminds us, the fight against ecocide is already being waged worldwide. Building on longstanding traditions of anticolonial struggle, environmentalism from below is a model for a people’s movement for climate justice—one that demands solidarity.

  • Praise for Extinction:

    “An elegant, controversial thesis” —The Guardian

    “A welcome contribution to the growing literature on this slow-motion calamity.” Los Angeles Review of Books

    “Dawson's searing report on species loss will sober up anyone who has drunk the Kool-Aid of green capitalism.” —Andrew Ross

    “Fusing social and ecological challenges to power is the only way forward … a long-awaited, elegant and comprehensive expression of why the time is right to make these links." —Patrick Bond

    “A great tool for anti-capitalists, climate change activists, and those still making sense of the intrinsic connections between the two." —Jasbir Puar

    “Historically grounded, densely researched, fluidly written … a powerful and painful exploration of human civilization's environmental irrationalities.” —Christian Parenti

    Praise for People’s Power:

    “For anyone wanting to understand what comes after oil and how we might get there.” —Imre Szeman, author of On Petrocultures

    “A gift to activists, providing a clear and accessible history of energy as well as a vision towards the publicly owned, democratically controlled, 100% renewable world we need.” —Aaron Eisenberg, the Rosa Luxemburg Foundation

    “A brilliant guide to building collective, equitable, and radical energy democracies in the here and now.” —Lavinia Steinfort, Transnational Institute

    Praise for Extreme Cities:

    Named One of the Top 10 Books of the Year by Publishers Weekly and Planetizen

    Extreme Cities is a ground-breaking investigation of the vulnerability of our cities in an age of climate chaos. We feel safe and protected in the middle of our great urban areas, but as Sandy and Katrina made clear, and as this fine book reveals anew, the massive shifts on our earth increasingly lay bare the social inequalities that fracture our civilization.”—Bill McKibben, author and founder of

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