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Disrupted Knowledge
Scholarship in a Time of Change

Disrupted Knowledge: Scholarship in a Time of Change is a collection of essays that reflects the important work being done by the faculty in the School of Arts and Cultures at Newcastle University since 2020.

It focuses on the intersecting disruptions of Covid-19, #BlackLivesMatter, political extremism, gender justice, the commodification of LGBTQ lives, and social media influence. Chapters in this book interrogate the themes of discourse, materiality, and affect; neoliberalism and commodification; media, citizenship, social relations and objects; the cultural politics of (in)visibility; and self-reflexivity and auto-ethnography.

Contributors are: James Barker, David Bates, Alexander Brown, Briony Carlin, Deborah Chambers, Abbey Couchman, Richard Elliott, Chris Haywood, Joss Hands, Sarah Hill, Gareth Longstaff, Joanne Sayner, Tina Sikka, Steve Walls, Michael Waugh, and Altman Yuzhu Peng.