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Metaphysics of Cooperation
Edward Abramowski’s Social Philosophy. With a Selection of His Writings

The Metaphysics of Cooperation presents the intellectual achievements of the Polish associative socialist and pioneer of social sciences, Edward Abramowski.

The volume is divided into five sections, each of them containing an analysis of the Polish philosopher's work according to the issues he dealt with: sociology, ethics, politics, cooperativism, and psychology. Each part also contains a selection of his writings. The intention is to show Abramowski's works in the context of global intellectual history and bring them into conversation with current political debates.

Abramowski makes fraternity or cooperation the main concepts of his social metaphysics. The Polish version of cooperativism can be inspiring both for contemporary researchers and political activists in post-economic-crisis Europe. It also opens up a space for creating more democratic political and economic institutions.


Other books by Edward Abramowski, edited by Bartłomiej Błesznowski and Cezary Rudnicki