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We Grow the World Together
Parenting Toward Abolition

A vital anthology exploring the intersections between caregiving and abolition
Abolition has never been a proposal to simply tear things down. As Alexis Pauline Gumbs asks, “What if abolition is something that grows?” As we struggle to build a liberatory, caring, loving, abundant future, we have much to learn from the work of birthing, raising, caring for, and loving future generations. 
In We Grow the World Together, abolitionists and organizers Maya Schenwar and Kim Wilson bring together a remarkable collection of voices revealing the complex tapestry of ways people are living abolition in their daily lives through parenting and caregiving. Ranging from personal narratives to policy-focused analysis to activist chronicles, these writers highlight how abolition is essential to any kind of parenting justice.
Contributors include:
Beth Richie
Harsha Walia
EJ, 6 years old
Dorothy Roberts
Ruth Wilson Gilmore
Dylan Rodríguez
Bill Ayers and Bernardine Dohrn
Shira Hassan
Victoria Law
Mariame Kaba
The PDX Childcare Collective
adrienne maree brown and Autumn Brown

  • Praise for Prison by Any Other Name:
    "Important reading for anyone involved in the criminal justice system."
    Kirkus Reviews
    "A cogent critique. . . . Their impassioned yet evidence-based polemic exposes flaws in much of the perceived wisdom around the issue. Policy makers and criminal justice reform advocates should consider this bracing account a must-read."
    Publishers Weekly
    "Necessary reading for any critic of mass incarceration seeking to understand the myriad policy alternatives and the path to lasting liberation."
    Library Journal
    "Abolishing police and prisons requires imaginative solutions; Schenwar and Law present them in ways that will make readers rethink their understanding of the carceral system."
    “Schenwar and Law have provided us with an accessible, comprehensive and exciting book about the perils of working towards criminal justice reform.”
    Criminal Law and Criminal Justice Books
    "In this timely work‚ Maya Schenwar and Victoria Law offer us exciting new perspectives that reveal abolition to be the most reasonable path toward a just future."
    Angela Y. Davis, author of Are Prisons Obsolete?
    "A clear-eyed reality check. Essential reading for anyone who wants to know how all Americans can become more safe and more free."
    Piper Kerman, author of Orange Is the New Black
    "Reminds us powerfully‚ soberingly, and unequivocally, that we simply can't end today's carceral crisis by calling for reforms that are still‚ fundamentally‚ punitive."
    Heather Ann Thompson, Pulitzer Prize–winning author of Blood in the Water
    "This powerful book is essential reading for everyone dedicated to building a society where prisons are obsolete."
    Dorothy Roberts, author of Killing the Black Body and Shattered Bonds

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