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The Turbulent Years
A History of the American Worker, 1933-1941

"A broad panorama in brilliant prose." —American Historical Review

In this groundbreaking work of labor history, Irving Bernstein uncovers a period when industrial trade unionism, working-class power, and socialism became the rallying cry for millions of workers in the fields, mills, mines, and factories of America. With an introduction by Frances Fox Piven.

  • "Everthing important is here, presented in an even-handed, objective way." --Journal of American History "A broad panorama in brilliant prose." --American Historical Review

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  • Radical Organizing in the Depression Era

    "...the train of developments that connects changes in social conditions to a changed consciousness is not simple. People, including ordinary people, harbor somewhere in their memories the building blocks of different and contradictory interpretations of what it is that is happening to them, of who should be blamed, and what can be done about it..."

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