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From Rebellion to Reform in Bolivia
Class Struggle, Indigenous Liberation, and the Politics of Evo Morales
An accessible, yet insightful, look into the promise, potential, and political contradictions of Evo Morales' first term.

Evo Morales rode to power on a wave of popular mobilizations against the neoliberal policies enforced by his predecessors. Yet many of his economic policies bare striking resemblance to the status quo he was meant to displace. Based in part on dozens of interviews with leading Bolivian activists, Jeffery R. Webber examines the contradictions of Morales' first term in office.

  • "With reforms coming in just the past few years, Jeffrey R. Webber provides a studious break down of the dynamics the country has faced and where it is going. From Rebellion to Reform in Bolivia is a strong addition to any modern issues and social issues community library collection.” —Mid West Book Review

    “For a decade now, social movements in Bolivia have been in the forefront of struggles for global justice, and no commentator has more perceptively mapped this process than Jeffery Webber. In this exciting new study, Webber brings together his deep knowledge, critical powers and social justice commitments to provide a stunning overview of Bolivia’s movement from rebellion to reform. Everyone concerned with contemporary social movements and class struggles urgently needs this book. Not only does From Rebellion to Reform in Bolivia bring us up to speed about what is happening in the heart of the Bolivian struggle – it also offers enormous lessons for struggles for global justice across the planet.”
    —David McNally, author of Global Slump: The Economics and Politics of Crisis and Resistance and Another World is Possible: Globalization and Anti-Capitalism.

    “Much of his book is taken up with an unabashed Marxist critique of the MAS government for its ‘new’ reformist course; for failing even to reduce appreciably the acute levels of poverty among indigenous people at a time of high national income from gas exports; and for allowing the ‘re-articulation of rightwing forces’.... [Of the three books under review] Webber offers the most informative account of the confrontations of 2008, which many observers at the time predicted would lead either to secession or to civil war.”
    —Philip Chrimes, International Affairs

    “Webber’s book cuts bravely against the grain of the fashionable left-wing romanticizing of Evo Morales and the Bolivian process. It meticulously documents the extent to which neoliberalism still shapes Morales’s economic policies, and it successfully theorizes the contradictions of attempting to overlay an older model of state-led development—ECLAC’s structuralism, or import substitution—on top of an intact neoliberal foundation dominated by the export of non-value-added raw materials. The result is a ground-breaking expansion and application of the concept of ‘neostructuralism’ to the Bolivian experience, an analysis that also has implications for Venezuela and Brazil.”
    —Tom Lewis, Co-author with Oscar Olivera of ¡Cochabamba! Water War in Bolivia

    “Jeffery Webber makes a provocative argument about contemporary Bolivian political economy. He says that, despite all its anti-neoliberalism rhetoric, Evo Morales’ government has continued many of the features of Bolivia’s neoliberal past, instituting what he calls ‘reconstituted neoliberalism’ …. Webber is aware that his interpretation of events in Bolivia will go against the grain for many on the Left, who hoped Morales would bring about the ‘cultural and democratic revolution’ he promised. Yet he argues forcefully for a reading that goes beyond discourse and rhetoric to a careful accounting of what the Morales government has actually done…. This book will be a significant intervention to the ongoing scholarly discussion about post-neoliberalism…. Webber’s book gives us more to think about as we observe this fascinating political process.”
    —Nancy Postero and Devin Beaulieu, Journal of Latin American Studies

    "With reforms coming in just the past few years, Jeffrey R. Webber provides a studious break down of the dynamics [Bolivia] has faced and where it is going. From Rebellion to Reform in Bolivia is a st

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