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The Gramscian Moment
Philosophy, Hegemony and Marxism
Though claimed by disparate schools of thought, Peter Thomas shows Gramsci is best understood as deepening the classical Marxist tradition.
Winner of the Premio internazionale Giuseppe Sormani 2011, awarded by the Fondazione Istituto Piemontese Antonio Gramsci in Turin for the best book/article on Gramsci in the period between 2007-2011 internationally.


Antonio Gramsci’s Prison Notebooks are today acknowledged as a classic of the human and social sciences in the twentieth century. The influence of his thought in numerous fields of scholarship is only exceeded by the diverse interpretations and readings to which it has been subjected, resulting in often contradictory images of Gramsci. This book draws on the rich recent season of Gramscian philological studies in order to argue that the true significance of Gramsci’s thought exists in its distinctive position in the development of the Marxist tradition. Providing a detailed reconsideration of Gramsci’s theory of the state and concept of philosophy, The Gramscian Moment argues for the urgent necessity of taking up the challenge of developing a “philosophy of praxis” as a vital element in the contemporary revitalisation of Marxism.

  • "What makes Peter D. Thomas's book an important one is, first and foremost, the fact that it takes Gramsci's thought beyond Italy and makes it accessible to a global audience, and in particular to an Anglophone one. Thomas's work explicitly aims to open the debate on Gramsci within Anglo-Saxon Marxism, which is today a key site for the elaboration of Marxist philosophy. There is no need to add that in pursuing this aim, he develops a reading of Gramsci that is not only informed by the renewal of scholarship seen in the wake of the publication of the complete Prison Notebooks and of Gramsci's letters during the mid-1970s, but that also addresses - and is enriched by the confrontation with - those major authors (Althusser and Anderson) who have, so to speak, represented the experientia crucis of Gramsci's introduction to the Atlantic world.... It is worth pointing out in passing that this book reproduces, with the intensity and meticulousness of its argumentation, the great German and Russian Marxological tradition - which confirms its scientific value....Thomas's analysis of the concept of 'hegemony' is no less powerful and comprehensive."
    —Antonio Negri

    “This should become the standard text in English on Gramsci's thought. Acquainted with the latest wrinkle in the Italian debate, Thomas…deftly overturns the received orthodoxy and the various abuses of the ideas of the Marxist militant, both restoring Gramsci's work to its true status and opening up fruitful possibilities for understanding his contribution to political theory more generally. The best book on Gramsci's political theory for three decades.”
    —Alastair Davidson, Author of Antonio Gramsci: Towards an Intellectual Biography

    “Thomas's Gramsci is the one we need in an era of economic and geopolitical crises that bears some resemblances to Gramsci's own time. This Gramsci is no incipient post-Marxist. Thomas's Gramsci, developed from rigorous critical study of the Prison Notebooks and of the now extensive scholarly literature, is a deeply consequent thinker intent on reconstructing revolutionary Marxism in opposition to the most advanced bourgeois thought of his day. This is also a Gramsci for whom political economy is of central methodological and substantive significance...This is a book that will recast the understanding of Gramsci, especially but not exclusively in the Anglophone world.”
    —Alex Callinicos, Professor of European Studies, Social Theory and International Political Economy, King's College, London

    The Gramscian Moment demonstrates the extent to which Gramsci’s thought represents a singular synthesis of virtually the entire tradition of Western political thought. This work succeeds in presenting Gramsci as a 'living classic', an author central to our understanding of modernity. Given its scope, richness and originality, I have no doubt that this work will represent a milestone in Gramscian scholarship and an important contribution to contemporary debates in political theory and philosophy.”
    —Stathis Kouvelakis, Author of Philosophy and Revolution and Co-editor of The Critical Companion to Contemporary Marxism

    The Gramscian Moment is the most thorough and illuminating philosophical study of Gramsci yet to appear in English. It sets a new standard for work not only on Gramsci himself but on the whole complex of issues associated with his legacy – on the mechanics and dimensions of hegemony, on the role and nature of the subject of political action, on the relation between theory and practice, and between civil society and the state. Thomas does more than any previous reader of Gramsci to demonstrate how his philosophy can fairly claim to meet Marx's famous prescription – not merely ‘to interpret the world but to change it’”.
    —Peter Hallward au

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