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The Destiny of Modern Societies
The Calvinist Predestination of a New Society
Elaborating on the Weberian method, Milan Zafirovski reveals that Calvinism's influence on America stretches far beyond free market capitalism

Examining the impact of Calvinism on modern society, The Destiny of Modern Societies extends the previous limits of Weberian analysis. By analyzing how Calvinism has determined most contemporary social institutions in America, it illustrates the Calvinist societal "predestination" of American society as a whole.


  • "The Destiny of Modern Societies is a recommendation for any college-level collection strong in critical social sciences, and provides a scholarly, in-depth analysis of relationships between modern society and Calvinism. It expands upon prior sociological analysis and considers the impact of Calvinism on modern society, but is for more than a religious inspection. Its survey of political, economic and civil development in American society argues and illustrates the Calvinist 'predestination' of American society and makes for a fine college-level reader. "
    The Midwest Book Review

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