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The Silenced Majority
Stories of Uprisings, Occupations, Resistance, and Hope
Goodman and Moynihan take an anti-establishment stance and get to the heart of today's critical news stories and political events.
In their new book, Amy Goodman and Denis Moynihan provide a vivid record of the events, conflicts, and social movements shaping our society today. They give voice to ordinary people standing up to corporate and government power across the country and around the world. Their writing and daily work at the grassroots public TV/radio news hour Democracy Now!, carried on more than a thousand stations globally and at democracynow.org, casts in stark relief the stories of the silenced majority. These stories are set against the backdrop of the mainstream media’s abject failure, with its small circle of pundits who know so little about so much, attempting to explain the world to us and getting it so wrong.

  • “Amy Goodman has taken investigative journalism to new heights.”
    —Noam Chomsky

    “Amy Goodman is not afraid to speak truth to power. She does it every day.”
    —Susan Sarandon

    “Crusading journalism at its best.”
    —Arianna Huffington

    “A towering progressive freedom fighter in the media and the world.”
    —Cornel West

    “What journalism should be: beholden to the interests of people, not power and profit.”
    —Arundhati Roy

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