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In the Steps of Rosa Luxemburg
Selected Writings of Paul Levi
Long maligned by scholars of Communist history, this volume lets Paul Levi's writings during the German Revolution speak for themselves.
Paul Levi remains one of the most interesting and controversial figures in the history of the Communist movement. As leader of the KPD after the murder of Luxemburg and Liebknecht, he successfully built up a party of a third of a million members, but by 1921 Comintern pressure forced Levi’s resignation. This is the first English edition of Levi's writings.
  • "With this skillfully edited collection of Levi's speeches and writings, Fernbach, long established as a leading student of Marxism, makes a major contribution to understanding the Left in Europe in the years after WW I.
    Highly recommended. Upper-division undergraduates and above."

    "Levi’s writings in English ... allow English-reading socialists to obtain a fuller understanding of the German revolutionary period after the First World War, a period rich in lessons for anti-capitalists today. ... David Fernbach [has] done a service to the left in making them available to the English reader.
    —Stuart King, in Permanent Revolution, vol. 22