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Marx's Temporalities
Tomba brilliantly demonstrates how capital places diverse temporalities into hierarchies that incessantly produce and reproduce new forms of class struggle
Rethinking the central categories of Marx's work, this study provides a critical analysis of his political and theoretical development. By integrating the paradigm of the spatialisation of time with that of the temporalisation of space, Tomba shows that an adequate historiographical paradigm for capitalism must consider the plurality of temporal layers that come into conflict in modernity.
  • It is [Western Marxism] that commands the full attention of Massimilliano Tomba’s timely and often brilliantly suggestive and informed reading of how Marxism lost its way and failed to account for the changes that Marx introduced in the 1860s and 1870s, producing Capital as a massive conceptualization of capitalism’s system of time accountancy that finds in the world market the instrument to synchronize the multiple temporalities and different forms of exploitation embodied in commodities, in order to secure greater surplus value.
    — Harry Harootunian, Radical Philosophy