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Wilhelm Liebknecht and German Social Democracy
A Documentary History
Key writings and speeches by one of the major figures of the labor movement of the 19th century.
Wilhelm Liebknecht and German Social Democracy is the most comprehensive collection available in English of the speeches and writings of Wilhelm Liebknecht, founder and leading voice of the German Social Democratic Party in the nineteenth century.

This collection of Liebknecht’s writings and speeches is representative sampling of his most renowned and influential work. Each piece is prefaced by concise and informative introduction situating the material in its context. Where possible, the selections are presented unedited, making this collection an important research tool for political and labor historians and others concerned with the development of mass movements in 19th and 20th century Europe.
  • "Wilhelm Liebknecht is today little known outside his native Germany. Even there, his name has faded from the view of most people other than labor historians. However, in the late nineteenth century, Wilhelm Liebknecht was renowned throughout the industrialized world as a champion of working people. His speeches and pamphlets were translated into numerous languages and inspired generations of militant workers and Socialist activists"
    —William A. Pelz, from the Introdction